VIA-INGO: The Bingo of Strengths

It’s easy to mark down numbers, but how good are you at spotting strengths? When you see a strength in action, place a check in the corresponding box and note down how it was expressed. If you obtain a full row, column or diagonal line of checked strengths, call out “VIA-ingo!”(Diagonal lines must go through the midpoint). Provide a brief recount to fellow players of how each contributing strength was expressed to claim the title of VIA-ingo Virtuoso. VIA-ingo was created and designed by Lea Waters and Claire Fortune, 2015, Centre of Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne. In the spirit of positive psychology, we offer this tool free for anyone to use and simply ask that you acknowledge our names. Icons designed by Freepik. Click here to download the game.




Roll the die to find out who goes first - player with the highest number starts. Move forwards the number of places as indicated on the die. If you land on a SCORE! Square, you have used your strength well. Climb up the ladder and wait your next turn. If you land on an OVERUSE! Or UNDERUSE! Square, you have not used your strength wisely. Next time learn how to use just the right amount of your strengths in different situations. Slide back down the snake and wait your next turn. The player that reaches the final square first is the winner - great use of strengths in the best possible way! Click here to download the game.