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Are you passionate about helping families to build positive relationships by taking a strength-based approach.
We are now offering the Strength Switch Facilitated Parenting course based on the psychological science of Dr Lea Waters and accompanied by Lea's established online Strength Switch program that is being used across the globe
If you have proven facilitation or coaching skills and you are keen to help families apply the Strength Switch strategies, the licensed facilitator model will support you to deliver Strength Switch training to groups of parents in your community. Licensed facilitators receive course content, Powerpoint slides, worksheets, handouts, access to facilitator resources via the Strength Switch portal, instructional videos from Lea, membership to the online Strength Switch Facilitator community across and the globe, marketing materials to advertise our courses and your own slot on the Strength Switch website.

What is the Licence?

The Strength Switch Facilitator Licensing model has been developed to support families across the globe to learn and develop strength-based parenting tools and strategies based on the work of Dr Lea Waters (Ph.D).
The Strength Switch Facilitator registration process is based on a licensing model. In order to obtain an annual licence to practice as a Strength Switch Facilitator and be featured on the Strength Switch website, applicants will need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Lea’s work on strength-based parenting, in addition to meeting certain eligibility criteria.
If your application is successful, you will be granted an annual license to facilitate the Strength Switch Parenting Course to groups of parents in your community, school or organisation. You will become part of a community of Strength Switch Facilitators and receive access to all materials via a facilitator portal access (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, training videos, worksheet downloads etc.) required to facilitate the three-part Strength Switch Parenting Course.
Because this is an empirically-based program, ongoing evaluation of your work is required. Assessment and analysis from parents who take your course will be embedded within the companion online course, and we will share the feedback directly with you.
Note: The facilitated and online Strength Switch courses are currently only available in English. Should you wish to facilitate in another language please email us directly before applying.


Applications can be made online here
Applications can be lodged at any date throughout the year and will be assessed within 3 weeks of your application.
In order to ensure the integrity of the course and maintain a high standard of content delivery, there are certain eligibility criteria that need to be met by all applicants.
Important: You must be covered by professional liability insurance and meet the eligibility criteria below to be accepted.  You will be asked to provide proof of insurance and eligibility details in your application.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Degree in Psychology/Counselling/Coaching/Teaching or a related qualification in Allied Health or Education.
  2. Evidence of professional development in Positive Psychology or Mental Health support services.
  3. Evidence of experienced facilitation, coaching or group-training skills with adult groups.
  4. You have read Lea’s book ‘The Strength Switch’. You have enrolled in the Strength Switch on-line course and applied learning from the book and course to your family.Note: If you do not have a family, you have read the book and enrolled in the course so you know the materials.Note: Enrolment is required to apply for licence, full completion of the course is required before you run your first facilitated course.
If you meet the criteria above, you are eligible to apply for registration. The Strength Switch team will review your application, which must be accompanied by evidence of eligibility including university testamurs, documentation of qualifications, proof of current employment if applicable, CV of your work experience, endorsements from referees who provide a quote about your knowledge of positive psychology and or facilitation skills.
If you do not meet the above eligibility criteria but believe that you are qualified to facilitate sessions, we would like to speak with you so please email us directly and we can assess whether your experience could be considered equivalent in nature.

Facilitator Portal

Licensed Strength Switch Facilitators are granted access to the Strength Switch Facilitator Portal. This Portal will house all materials required to commence facilitating parent sessions. Lea will support facilitators with live bi-annual group Q&A sessions and you will have access to the international network of facilitator forums.

Annual Licensing and Renewal Fee

Annual Renewal allows Licensed Strength Switch Facilitators continued access to the curriculum, workshop materials and relevant research updates. You will also continue to be featured on the Strength Switch website as a Licensed Facilitator.
Annual licensing fee: $400 USD
To monitor and maintain the integrity of Lea’s research, ongoing evaluation instruments are used by the Strength Switch team to assess all Licensed Strength Switch Facilitators. Facilitators will need to pass these evaluations to remain on the register of licensed Facilitators. Parents will be invited to evaluate their experience of the course via the online companion course.

Course Pricing and Fees:

There is a standard pricing model for facilitating the Strength Switch Parenting Course. The course costs $200 USD for parents to register. This fee includes access to the companion online program and 3 x face-to-face workshop sessions with a licensed facilitator.
Facilitators receive 50% of the registration fees (less bank/Paypal transfer fees) and are paid quarterly.
Should an organisation pay for a facilitator’s registration, the organisation will receive any income generated if parents pay for the course. If the organisation wishes to fund parents to attend, they will be charged $100 USD per participant, with discounts available to numbers in excess of 100 participants.

For queries please email


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